About Steph—

paid social guru

Hey there, I’m Stephanie but you can call me Steph.

Mom. Entrepreneur. Traveler.

Numbers have always been my thing, even as a child. So it only made sense for me to go to a school such as Georgia Tech, right? Go Jackets!

I  started my digital advertising career in 2010 with a start-up that will forever go down as my favorite job. I partly attribute wanting to become an entrepreneur to the experience I got and the people I worked with there. It just hit different, you know? After that, I became the “millennial job hopper” and I was averaging 2 jobs per year. Eventually, I realized I was chasing something that I wasn’t going to find at any agency, so I decided to focus on my own thing and create what I was searching for. But listen, I’ve been fired. I’ve had managers beg me to stay. I’ve walked out. I look back and while my friends and family will never understand my moves, each and every one of them helped shape what I’m doing today. No regrets, just money earned, lessons learned, and connections made.

Here I am with all this million dollar campaign experience, what can I do with it?

I created digital Insomnia to service brands and entrepreneurs that may not want the traditional agency partnership or better yet, the agency fees. I bring all of that Fortune 500 experience to any budget, large or small.

In the midst of executing campaigns, I also wanted to find opportunities to share my knowledge. I’ve taught a class at General Assembly, spoke at a conference in Palm Springs, and taught the first class on Facebook advertising at the Miami Ad School Portfolio Center. I also regularly host my own workshops that I plan or get approached to put together.

Digital Insomnia? About that...I realized the way I execute campaigns for my clients and what I teach is my way of doing paid social. So I did a rebrand and introduced Social by Steph.

On a personal note, I’m a mom. A lot of my free time goes to my son’s activities; I always say that his hobbies are my hobbies. During basketball season (which happens to be all year) you will find me at games yelling for my son’s team. I also like to travel. It’s been a goal to go somewhere new at least once per year. It’s hard for me to completely disconnect from work so you may find me in another country working on your campaign. Issa lifestyle.

You don't know what hard is unless you have experienced easy, until then it's just life